Panokeeper is the word's first full integrated online-stitching platform. Our innovative technology allows you to create full 360x180° panoramas with just a view clicks. Panokeeper currently works with OSMOPano a full integrated recording app for the DJI OSMO.

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Simply drag and drop you panorama-files into your panokeeper management-console. We create a full 360° interactive panorama for you. Publish it on facebook, google or embed it on any website.



Sign up

Simply download OSMOpano from your apple app store. Create a panokeeper account. OSMOPano will navigate you through the sign-up progress fast and simple. If you have already an account, OSMOPano will activate your upload license on our servers.


When OSMOPano recorded all the necessary files for a full 360° pano, you just simply upload it to panokeeper. You can do this by using a web browser or our app OSMOPano.


All your files will be analyzed with special mathematical algorithms to get the best out of your images. Afterward we will stitch your files to a full 360° panorama, also fill missing image parts and put it in a fancy web player.


After processing you are able to see the mind blowing results. Now you can export, share or embed the results. Upload the pano to Google street view or make a v-tour with round-me.


See a quick tutorial.

Matthias, the founder of OSMOPano and Panokeeper, will take you on a quick tour.


common questions

Just download the newest version of OSMOPano and create a new user account.

No! At this point, this is a closed service for OSMOPano users only. A version for OSMO mobile so like flying Devices from DJI will follow soon.

The system takes between 5 minutes up to hours for processing, depending on the loads from you and other users.

It's already included in the price for OSMOPano. So relax and save a lot of money.

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Join the panorama-family today. If you have a DJI OSMO / OSMO PRO / OSMO+ download OSMOPano and start to creating awesome 360° panos today. Save over $280 with one simple app.

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